With the apparent saturation in the landscape of electronic music, Ampispazi Recordings is offering a professional alternative in which every release is treated like a precious gem carefully presented to the world.

A team of few people behind the wheel since its birth in 2011, however with plenty of producers to back up the artistic value of this Label. The relationship established with already more than 20 artists from all over the world is built on constant feedback and therefore confidence from the industry. This label marks a different line of work and a distinctive methodology where management and artists work side by side to deliver excellent sounds.

The term “ampispazi”, which means amplitude and vastness, goes very well with what they do and how they do it. This Label releases a rich variety of electronic sounds throughout its distinct branches. Besides the standard track releases signed by Ampispazi Recordings, the team is also developing a growing sample/loops library under the name of Ampispazi Sonori. The latter not only contains the ordinary sample packages, but it also includes nature sounds and live instrument recordings that can enrich musical production of any kind.

Their venture doesn’t stop here. A more artistic division called Inked Series rises only to fusion a deep Berlin sound with the exquisite artwork of Jessica Aaron, a tattoo artist from Milan, who listens to the label’s releases and comes up with minimalistic designs for their cover.

Deep House, Dub and after-hours sounds are carefully crafted in this fulcrum where art is celebrated through effort, attention and dedication. Ampispazi Recordings is an underground hub where hardworking talents join forces under one motto:

Always with love.


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Label Manager : Mik Santoro

First Assistant : Ercos Blanka

Media Manager : Fabio

Mastering : Mastering by Valerio Rossi @ Phonica Studios – Milano

Copywriter:  Filippo Rocco, Ana Raisa Manole,

Promotion: Konnekt Agency – www.konnekt.agency //