We had a chat with Kimse about his latest release “Odisea” and all his ongoing projects.

The Mexican producer landed on the label this February with a strong deep progressive ep, which includes “Titan” an elegant but powerful track featuring an epic guitar solo by Los Jaguar.

Hi Kimse,
Welcome to Ampispazi, we are very happy to have you on board!

What influenced your Odisea EP?

Odisea is a part of a journey, a puzzle that brings together rich melodies, strong bass, long dub effects, strings, guitar, synth vocals and samples. Deep and wide spaces, ambient layers and melodic landscapes created for a live stage performance.

A journey of sounds as an influence that feeds itself once started.

Titan, like many of other projects, has been made together with the rock band Los Jaguar. Tell us more about this collaboration and How can you easily combine those two such different musical styles?

Odisea was supposed to be part of a full Album to be written in collaboration with Los Jaguars. My collaboration with Los Jaguar started in 2010, when I released my Double Album which included 5 collaborations with them. Working together it’s fantastic and it is a great source of inspiration. 

It is crazy how you can start with a loop, launch some samples, play some chords and go about adding new sounds and elements. In fact it is really easy to integrate different, more organic sounds and live instruments like guitars percussion and keys. Sometimes these sounds are just what I am looking for to complete my projects. 

It seems your creativity goes beyond music production under the alias of Kimse. Can you tell us a bit more about the Last Bronze project? 

I was a renowned graffiti artist some time ago. I decided to use my popularity to contribute to create arts movements which included raves, galleries and expo events. The projects were successful. 

Nowadays, The Last of Bronze Race is a collective dedicated to manage social events, where local artists and musicians can promote their work,  find support from the community and build public relations.

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic situation we have been forced to pause all events until further notice. But we are sure we will be back on track soon, ready to support new emerging talents. 

Which artists influenced most your musical growth? 

Which artists influenced my musical growth? Too many! I will name a few: Santana, BeeGees, Credence, Led Zepellin, Metallica, Gun´s Roses, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Soda Stereo, Caifanes, Rage Against The Machine, Flobots. I also listen to Euro Dance and Rap.

But everything changed with “Seven Ways” by Paul Van Dyk. It was incredible, I was blown away. I also love Global Underground Series, which is my main influence for my DJ Set. 

5 records that accompanied your 2020

Flobots present: Platypus

Tricky – Ununiform

Apparat – LP5

Kanye West – Jesus Is King

Massive Attack – Ritual Spirit