What are your thoughts on the actual situation for the club scene in Mexico?
Club scene has being really affected by the pandemic, and it’s sad because at this point the scene was growing in all the country really fast and with very interesting places. Hope to see these places back in 2021 giving chances to local artists

Let’s talk about your Cuida el Interior EP. Can you tell us more about the production and the inspiration behind the project? 
I wanted to build a relaxing and inspirational EP, these material Is really different and maybe “experimental” than my usual productions 

What are you working on right now? What are your plans for the near future? 
My style is getting stronger in the progressive scene, so I’m working hard to stablish my style in big labels from all around the world. Progressive and melodic electronic music  are not really popular in México, but there are great artists trying to put México in the map of progressive/deep/melodic scene. And of course I’m part of these artists.

What are your favourite artists?  
I won’t say big names because I’m always researching new music and emergent artists, my favourite from the moment are my countrymen Hole Box, Alberto Hernández, León Lobato, Stae and some other from Latín América that are doing really great as Juan Ibanez, Cocho, Andrés Moris, Orgymu5ik and many more.

How did you land on Ampispazi Recordings? 
Hole Box is a big referent for me and he’s a big mexican artist that came from the Center of México, I talk with him very often and we exchange information from labels, music feedbacks, etc. In one of these talks he mentioned the great work from Ampispazi, and I’m here now releasing my music…