Fabio S

Hi Fabio, how are you?

I am great, thank you Mik!

Welcome back with another beautiful release.

Summer is here and your music fit perfectly with the incoming season. Two cuts, one for the dancefloors and one for magical rooftop sunsets: 

1) which one you prefer most and which style you embrace more easily when it comes   to make music?

That’s a tough question. I really loved Tide at the beginning. It sounded so good to me. It has the type of sound I was trying to achieve for a long time, so when I neiled it I was very into it. Fight started without a plan, just by jamming, but it came together easily and naturally. It grew on me day by day…and eventually became my favorite. 

2) Can you tell us more about each track of your ep? 

As I said before, the tracks have different meaning. Tide was carefully written. It took me months. In the process of composing, I tried new techniques and tricks. I wanted to get that deep and dark sound, that starts emotional and stays emotional, with simple yet powerful and evolving sounds. I really spent a lot of time programming the drums, sound designs, and automations. Fight to the contrary, was a moment of pure creativity that made me write all major elements in a few studio sessions. The rest of the time was just technical, with mixing and balancing all the tracks. Both tracks taught me a lot about  music production and about my relationship with the music. 

3) What do you think about the actual moment we are now facing with people “restarting” to live and of course to dance? Are you planning some dj gigs?

Well, It’s nice to see people out, trying to get back to their social life, even though I feel that covid has left a big scar in our society. However, I am a positive guy, so I rather focus on the positive sides and hope for the best. Unfortunately I have yet to plan some gigs. 

4) Half of 2021 is gone, any regrets?  We are approching the end of 2021, any regrets?

Not really. I have reached a good balance in life, between all areas. It sounds simple, but it took me years to get to this point. I am looking ahead with trust and confidence, knowing I will be able to create even better music, and get back to play regularly. 

5) And what are the plans for the next half of the year?

I have two more releases on Ampispazi, which I am very proud of: my remix for DJ Kuzey and my new EP, out late in the year. So I will focus on promoting these two releases, plus making some great music and maybe start some interesting collaboration. I think today’s technologies now allow us to work with anyone around the world, and that’s is just amazing!