Blaine Connell

Hi Blaine, 

Thank you for Joining us. 

How are you doing? “Herb Healing” was finally released this year and reached the top 20 of the Beatport Hype Top 100, among other cool features!  How do you feel about it? 

1) What was the inspiration behind the two tracks? 

So basically for the track Herb healing, I’ve always wanted to sample Bob Marley, I’ve been a huge fan of his my whole life.

I figured that touching some of his vocals from his songs was to big a task and I don’t think they are to be messed with or changed.

So I found interviews of him talking to a reporter, and in listening to his answers to the questions asked, I felt there was a very strong message in his answers, and not only that, but his Jamaican accent when he talks almost sounds rhythmic, which is really cool. So I threw it in logic, chopped it up and it worked. But more than anything powerful answers to the interview inspired me for this rack.

As for the track Don’t you care. I wanted to make a nice deep house summery track, I remember working on a beat, it was all sounding good and I just lacked than one cool vocal, then I stumbled across a lovely female vocal that fit perfect for the beat I had just made. Then I made the rest of track round the vocal because I liked it so much.

2) What is your production process? 

So my production process normally starts the same. I start with my drums, followed by baseline, then add a melody. If I have a vocal I’m working with ill either add that in after the melody, or sometimes ill add it in straight away and build things round that.

My process varies each time, depending on what I’m feeling that day, sometimes i’ll just find a sound I really like and work with it.

3) As British citizen, what brought you to Spain, and especially to Valencia? 

So i was born in Newcastle (UK) and my parents moved out there when i was 4 years old. And I have lived on the Costa Blanca ever since.

4) This summer clubs and festivals finally re opened, you were called to keep the vibes up at @ ( venue’s name )in Valencia,

How did it feel to go behind the decks again? 

So i started getting some gigs at the beginning of the summer just as some of the restrictions started getting lifted, I had a Gig on a rooftop Hotel called Sun Palace, over looking the ocean on one side and the mountains behind me, was a really nice place. I also played an Open air venue on the beach called Sea the Sea for a day party which was one of the vibes of the summer. I also played a for a club called Ku which was a day time party. At this stage there was no nightclubs allowed to open or dancing so i didint really get a chance to play some nightclubs but the parties i did play where some really cool places and despite the restrictions we still made the vibes happen!

5) Have you noticed any differences in the clubbing scene following the big  re-opening?

I went out clubbing when i went back to the uk and its back with a bang! Like it never went away, if anything its come back better, so much more energy!

6) What are you working on right now? What are your plans for 2022?

Right now im sat on a couple of tracks that i’ve nearly finished, im looking to put out alot more music out this year, and also get playing back in the clubs. But my main focus is in making music and then when the right gigs come up then ill jump at them. But for sure more productions!