We virtually went to Brescia, Italy, to find out something more about the secret project “arUpaloka” and his powerful melodic techno debut on Ampispazi Recordings

Hola arUpaloka, 

first of all we would really like to understand the meaning of your name: what does it mean and why you choose it.

My main inspiration for Djing and Music Production was Avicii. Avicii means the lowest level of Buddhist Hell, whilst arUpaloka is the opposite: the first level of Buddihist Heaven. 

Tell us about your passion for music? 

My family has been in the theme park business for 3 generations. I have always been exposed to music since I was a child and I had the chance to listen any kind of music, from Euro Dance to Pop then I decided to focus on the one I was liking most: techno

What influenced your EP?

Astronomy always fascinated me. So it seemed like a great idea to make a project related to the Solar System. The inspiration for the music came from the names of the planets: the atmospheres and elements I used reflect the same atmosphere I imagined on each planet. 

Machines or Samples&Plugin-is ? Tell us a bit more about your production workflow

I use an enormous amount of plug-ins. My go-to synths are : 

Sylenth, Massive and Serum.

I usually start finding a sound, could be a pad, a bass or a lead that gives me the spark: once I get it, I build the track around it.

I am also building a Modular Synth (Eurorack) but I was not able to use it on Solar System as I had limited modules at the time and they were not fitting well in the project.

What are your plans for 2021?

After a very hard 2020, I believe 2021 will be a year of rebirth for all. I am very confident.

Personally, I will start working on a new album. I prefer albums to EPs as I find it hard to condensate all my influences and ideas in a 2 track project. So If you don’t hear from me, do not worry. I am working on the new album.