Ahead of the milestone 100th release, Ampispazi has put together an exclusive Compilation, to showcase new talented signings along with label known artists, such as Clymate, Radical Fantasy, Hole Box, Fabio S and founder Mik Santoro.

The compilation has been carefully crafted and boosts a wide range of styles and moods, showcasing the label’s taste for diversity and quality. From Deep Tech, to Electronica, to more darker analog sounds, the Compilation explores all realms of electronic dance music.

The collection opens with the delicate melodies of Radical Fantasy, followed by the timeless and Soul Capsule’s inspired grooves of Hole Box. The third track is Mik Santoro’s stomping ‘Lost’ followed by the Minimal and Deep sound of Blaine Connell’s ‘Love You’. The next track is by Kuzey, a track permeated by a Detroit Techno vibe, driven by bright stabs and relentless 4/4 rhythms. Fabio S’s ‘Yet A New Beginning’ is a good crafter Electronica gem, whilst Kimse and Los Jaguar’s “Cielo” is an old school House and Melodic Techno Dancefloor destroyer. Track 9 comes from PHLY which is guided by intricate melodic patterns and a smooth happy drum pattern. Pupa adds a NY House bomb to the collection, whilst Hobonuts serves a Mike Dehnert – styled gem named ‘Mocassini’. The last two tracks come from Clymate who takes us to deeper realms with his ‘Spiri Troso’ and arŪpaloka , whose ‘Marte’ is the first taster of his forthcoming album on Ampispazi.

Always With Love

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