His first appearance on Ampispazi was with the single “Love You” as part of the Moving Forwards V.A. compilation, which followed the rework of Erykah Badu’s On & On, which is still available as a free download.

Herb Healing contains a sample of an interview with the legendary Bob Marley. “I’ve always wanted to sample Bob Marley, I’ve been a huge fan of his my whole life.” Said the british DJ. “So I found interviews of him talking to a reporter, and in listening to his answers to the questions asked, I felt there was a very strong message in his answers, and not only that, but his Jamaican accent when he talks almost sounds rhythmic, which is really cool. But more than anything, the powerful answers to the interview inspired me for this rack.”

Don’t you care is a nice deep house summer track. Funky bass, carefully programmed drums, wurlitzer and a nice vocal sample, which was the foundation of the track during the production process.

A strong and powerful EP

Always with Love

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