Following his label debut in 2020, Kuzey returns to Ampispazi with “Ah was” with remixes by Mik Santoro and Fabio S.

The Swiss DJ/Producer has been very active, with many releases under his belt in the last year alone. His Deep tech distinctive sound is very appreciated by djs and dance music enthusiasts.

Asked about the inspiration behind the track, Kuzey said: “I was in Zurich and I was enjoying the lights and nightlife when I saw a group of teenagers dancing in the street. I was inspired and once home I started to produce Ah was.”

Ahwas, it’s a groovy cut of deep tech house. Driving drums, keys stabs and funky bassline will make you stamp your feet for all summer long and the simple but effective vocal hook uplifts the track perfectly.

Fabio S stirs things up as usual, mixing various genres and samples: heavy drums, driving percussion and melodies works with each other to build up to a dreamy break.

Label boss Mik Santoro delivers a very fresh and cool remix. Organic drums and pads are mixed with spacious synth leads to take you to a very pleasant journey. We love when Mik takes us to places.

Always with Love

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