2020 has been a prolific year for Fabio S. The Italian producer has taken advantage of the weirdest year of all time to get down with his music production, finishing up many projects and ideas. Discovery is his first release for 2021, which will be followed by another EP later on in the year and a remix of an upcoming new project on Ampispazi.

Moving away from his usually deep and melodic vibe, Fabio S ventured into deeper and darker territories. The focus is more on the grooves, rhythms and the dynamic of the track rather than melodies and atmospheres. The whole project was crafted with the dancefloor in mind.

Tide is a straight emotional groover. It boosts hipnotic synth arps, deep keys stabs, and a piano playing light and delicate melodies which seems in total contrast with all other elements. The drums are carefully programmed whilst a sub bass drives the track and enriches the low end. Epic strings sessions complete the track giving a break from the busy and straight rhythm sections. 

Fight is built on a one note bass flowing nicely with carefully programmed drums and a square lead sound which leads with a crescendo into the breakdown where a lead distorted synth plays a catchy melody which will stay in your head for days. Percussions and effects add to the groove, making Fight a groovy melodic house tune. 

Fabio S’ own words about the project:

“I called the release Discovery, because it is the result of venturing into uncharted territories for me. I used new sounds, techniques and production processes which ended up with tracks that sound different from my previous works. I felt I learned and discovered new things about being a music producer and the way I approach my creativity.”

Discovery will be available for streaming on Spotify, starting Friday the 1th of June 2021.  

Always with Love


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