The project has been in the making for a while and it’s now ready to be shared with label’s fans and electronic music enthusiasts.

Once again Ampispazi amazes by going beyond genres and music styles, and focusing on the quality of the music instead.

The short Album “Sistema Solare” (Solar System) comprises eight tracks of analog melodic house and techno, made for the dancefloor.

Arpeggio synth playing along nicely with the bass and hats, makes the backbone of the track. A big lead plays on top to combine greatly with all the elements. Mercurio, opens the album and give a nice preview of what is to come next.

Venere, boost a rhythm synth and a simple yet effective 2 notes bassline, locked into a hypnotic groove. A detuned analog horn, plays a catchy and robotic melody, which works great in making the track strong.

Syncopated bass, synth stabs and percussion complement each other to an incredible tribal like vibe. The Digeridoo on top makes Terra mystical and somewhat spiritual.

Melodic pads create a tense atmospheric texture, before drums and bass hit you in the face at full force, straight from the start. Percussions, risers and FXs inject energy and movement into Marte.

Giove is a straight on techno groover. A percussive synth accompanies the bass throughout the track until melodic elements such as lead synth, pads and piano play simple yet effective melodies.

Woobly bass, percussive synths, rhythm lead and powerful reverb snares are the main element in busy Saturno. Powerful.

Urano goes deep and dark. An acid saw synth plays hypnotic rhythm throughout the song, along tight drums. It flows with an attitude for a long and intimate adventure throughout space.

Warm analog pads playing chords and harmonies, trick you into believe that Nettuno is a quiet musical masterpiece. That is until the arp, kick and bass comes in, leaving you astonished.

Always with Love

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