Ampispazi new release comes once again from Mexico.

Following in the footsteps of his fellow countrymen Hole Box and Indigo Man, Kimse joins Ampispazi and delivers Odisea EP, a two track EP described by the artist himself as a journey in search of a more organic sound with a melodic soul.

The two track EP opens with Odisea, a moody melodic house track, featuring a 80’s bass synth sound playing a catchy melody, tight percussions and filling top synths. It is an epic journey, as the title suggests, in the realm of sounds..

Boosting a similar sonic palette to Odisea, Titan, written and produced with fellow artist Los Jaguar, brings more energy and more complex melodies and organic sounds such as strings and electric guitar. The overall feeling is more enlightened in respect of Odisea’s and the two tracks complement each other very well.

Always with Love

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