Ampispazi releases its first EP for 2021, after a very peculiar year that saw the label reaching the milestone 100th release.

AMP102 comes from Indigo Man, a passionate, target-centered, mexican DJ/Producer known for his aural, energetic and emotional style.

The two tracks EP opens with “Cuida el interior” which gives the name to the EP. It starts with a calm and relaxing voice that slowly fades away to leave space for the syncopated bassline and intricate drum patterns. A horn-like sound provides an ethereal atmosphere that creates a unique and powerful blend.

“Eterno delirio” is yet more powerful. It features elegant drums that complement the driving bassline, different synths playing simple melodies with harmonics, building up to the break down where vocals samples are expertly used to create layers and texture.

Asked about the inspiration for the EP, Indigo Man replied that it comes from the internal dynamics we experience as human beings when dealing with pains and sufferings during hard times.

Always with Love

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