This October, Ibiza-based Ampispazi Recordings will celebrate a truly momentous occasion as they welcome in their much anticipated 100th release. An incredible achievement, ​Whatever Next is a three track EP that features original records from two of Ampispazi’s leading figures: label founder, Mik Santoro, and label regular, Ercos Blanka.
Speaking on the inspiration behind ​Siesta​, Mik describes how “​the music evokes those feelings of long, neverending, quiet Ibizan afternoons​”, whilst Ercos provides a quote from the Roman philosopher Seneca to explain the meaning of his track: “​There is a mutual benefit in teaching, because men, while they teach, learn.”
The atmospheric and enchanting White Isle is ​felt right from the get-go, as the docile tones of Mik Santoro’s ​Siesta get underway. Subtle bell chimes reside next to poignant synths, whilst the gentle kick-hat backbone provides a stirring overarching rhythm, transporting us to the Ibiza-sunrise moments of old. It is a similarly soothing affair in Ercos Blanka’s ​Seneca,​ with warm pads building upon dream-like keys. A mesmerising female vocal echoes softly in the background, leaving us in a haze of deep relaxation, before the ambient version brings things to a tranquil close. Serene, contemplative and beautifully crafted, it showcases Ercos at his best.
Italian-born ​Mik Santoro is no stranger to the electronic music sphere. Label head of both Ampispazi and Eyedyllic, the former has nurtured the careers of several up-and-coming artists in it’s near decade-long tenure, with the likes of Radical Fantasy, Hole Box and Fabio S finding a welcome home on the label. A regular of the label since his debut in 2012, ​Ercos Blanka ​is one of the scene’s most prolific producers. This year alone has already seen him release on Sound Avenue, Seven Villas and more besides, with ​Whatever Next set to continue an incredible 2020 for the Italian-native.

Always With Love

1. Mik Santoro – Siesta (Original Mix)
2. Ercos Blanka – Seneca (Original Mix)
3. Ercos Blanka – Seneca (Ambient Version)

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