The remixes EP for Andrea Della Valle’s Solar Kali comes during these weird times, but brings us all the positive energies needed. Ampispazi has brought together 3 of their finest and favourite producers as well as the brain behind the whole thing, Mik Santoro, to deliver 4 new interpretations of Andrea’s instant classic. The EP opens with Mik’s remix, a deep and soulful take on the original track, a definitely summer inspired tune. Fabio S goes into more tribal territories, delivering a straight forward groove driven by the vocal samples of the original track. A stomping happy Dancefloor – killer. Ankit Uppal goes deeper, with a wobbly baseline that guides their remix into much more Techno atmospheres. One for the late night sets, one that, when it drops, gets the crowd jumping. Finally Odagled closes the EP with a brainy, cleverly produced Electronic jam. A complicated and intricate production, ideal for early mornings sets. To keep your mind wondering. To keep us all happy.

Always With Love

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