An aura of mystery is surrounding Ampispazi’s latest signing, the Enchanted Kids duo. The Indian pair has previously released on labels like Crossworlder Music, Old Sql and Mistique Music and are joining the label with a timeless cut, backed up with a Remix from Dear Deer Records’s Hole Box. The single features a romantic and dreamy cut, ‘Story of Consciousness’, a blend of genres and atmospheres. The track is driven by a Techy kick drum and a straight groove while slowly the bass melody builds a huge crescendo which drops into a huge summery tune with a Karlbrenner-esque mood. The kind of track that sends you far away with the mind. Hole Box on the flip side takes a deeper turn, adding percussions to the groove and a distorted synth to guide his remix all the way through, adding a clubby edge to this loved up track.

Always with Love

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