Mik Santoro only rarely puts out music on his prolific Ampispazi Recordings, but when he does it’s always because things are right. This autumn Mik returns on the imprint with a two tracks’ EP filled in with love. His extensive knowledge of Electronic music and his experiences between Berlin and Ibiza have brought inspiration for his latest record, a mix of soulful melodies, intimate and researched aesthetics and deep vibes. Comfort opens things up with a Deep American atmosphere, something that can be played at sunset or sunrise and that will make your mind float in space. The track merges an analog drums with dreamy synth textures. ‘Consequences’ with its dubby and trippy bass brings a different edge to the EP merging a stomping groove with a classic late night melodic pattern, alongside the ‘this is a sample only’ sample. But it’s not a sample, it’s pure club magic. It’s one of those times when you know that things are right.

Always with Love

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