Ampispazi takes us again on the journey towards the unknown, the unexplored, the surprising. In the summer, Mik Santoro drops on his imprint another three tracker, coming from Italian producer Fabio S. ‘Dream EP’ is a collection of emotionally driven tracks, a clever mix of melodies and stomping grooves that will bright up your day. Enigmatically titled, the EP is a marvellous soundscape where anyone can get lost. The opening track, ‘Chaos’, is a deep cut, driven by an acid bassline and evocative samples, one track that can make you dream with your eyes open. Following is ‘Hypnotic’, with its cheeky vibe, its relentless 4/4 beat and stomping kick drum. The title track wraps up the EP, showcasing an old school 2000 vibes from those amazing summer anthems that we all miss. But guess what, Ampispazi is here to bring them back to life.

Always with Love

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