The new Ampispazi’s EP comes from unknown artist Simon Prod. The label has delivered the latest work from the under the radar’s artist, a psychedelic dark journey into various electronic spectrum. Simon Prod’s productions are groovy, melodic, with hints of Techno. His uses of synths and bass lines creates really deep atmospheres, ready to capture the listener and to hook the dance floor. The EP opens with the title track: a relentless drum drives this powerful cut into late night territories. Following is the mesmerizing “Last Day On Earth”: hypnotic synths are merged with rumbling bass and 4/4 in your face kick. When it drops it does damages. The last track, ‘Waterfront Walking” is a huge trip, a deep look into the artist mind: a long chord / pad melody opens the tracks, followed by a shuffled drums groove and bright lead melodies. Simon Prod ‘Horizon’ EP is set to shake everyone. And Ampispazi knows it well.

Always with Love