Ampispazi Recordings returns with @alpha-function ’s latest EP ‘Idilliade’ – including four outstanding original tracks from the Milan based producer.

Not many producers can deliver the same diversity and high standard that Alpha Function has been providing in his latest releases. Undoubtly his live performances have helped his technique to improve over the years, showcasing his talent, forged by cleverly written grooves and dark melodic atmospheres. He’s definitely one of the artists to watch in the Italian Techno scene.

Ampispazi as usual managed to grab hold of another fantastic talent and he is now ready to release his second EP. ‘Idilliade’ demonstrates how much you can do when you know how to program drum machines properly and how to make synths sound unique, adding personal touches and creativity. The four tracker comprises straight and broken beats, rough and raw but also clean and dreamy melodies.

The EP opens with ‘The Man With One Eye’, a relentless club killer permeated by an obscure atmosphere. Following is the futuristic forward thinking broken beat Iliade, a proper early morning journey. The third track of the EP is the more introspective ‘Dog Whisperer’ , a slower 4/4 jam driven by an hypnotic synth line. A tunnel.
The EP closes with another broken groove, the one of ‘Pulcherrima’. Serious quality here.

In his complexity the EP is a fusion between UK and Berlin, It’s Techno in its core but ambient in its vibe. Alpha Function destroying it once again.

Always with Love

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